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Taro, as a unified development solution, has been growing rapidly since its birth. From a single development framework to a multi-tier solution serving tens of thousands of developers today, Taro's growth is due to the efforts of the Taro team, but more importantly, the support and help from the community.

What is open source facing

We can start by looking at a set of data.

Taro has 5227 commits, 235 releases, 3908 issues opened, 3296 closed thanks to the efforts of the Taro team and community, and nearly 600 issues to be resolved. Taro is also opening around 50 new issues every week, and has collected 709 PRs, adding up to 656.

In addition, the number of posts on the Taro Community has reached 3000 and is increasing at a rate of 200 per week, while the Taro Official Documentation, a must-have resource for Taro beginners and developers, has reached 20w per week.

At the same time, Taro also has 20+ developer exchange WeChat groups of 500 people, and 10+ seminar groups with the official teams of various small programs and R&D teams of major companies, so the developers of Taro team are bombarded with massive information every day.

From this, we can see that Taro now has a large and active developer community, which generates a lot of information, either questions, suggestions, code submissions or useful wheels every day. As the community becomes bigger and bigger, the question of how to manage it effectively and improve the overall experience of using the community becomes a problem for the Taro team, and there is an urgent need to find a balance between solution iteration and community maintenance so that Taro can go farther and grow better.

The power from the community

As the saying goes, "A single thread does not make a thread, and a single tree does not make a forest".

Taro is no longer a single-team project, but a joint project of the entire Taro development community. The members of the NervJS organization to which Taro belongs have also added R&D staff from other companies like Huawei and Tencent to the project, and the community has 230 contributors.


And of all the community contributions, a special thanks goes to:

We also thank Garfield550 (Miss), [LiangYin](https://github. com/yinLiangDream) and ShaoQian Liu, who were invited to be the core maintenance staff of TaroUI. com/yinLiangDream), and ShaoQian Liu, who will support the subsequent iterations and maintenance of TaroUI.

Of course there are also zacksleo, Jay Fong, [loveonelong]( loveonelong), lolipop99, Bozai Gao, Original Sin, lentoo , white collar summer grandson, YuanQuan, tourze (), YuanQuan, tourze, lingxiaoZhu, etc.

In addition, we would like to thank the R&D teams that have been quietly providing valuable suggestions for Taro's development: Tencent Cloud, Digital Guangdong, Tencent CDC, Netease, Huawei Open Source Team, Zhaolian Consumer Finance, etc.

The power of the community has been supporting Taro to move forward.

Therefore, we hope that the community maintenance problem faced by Taro can be left to the community for self-management.

Looking forward to your participation

In order to make the community run more efficiently and healthily, the Taro official team hopes to attract developers from the community to work together to maintain and build the community.

The Taro team will set a certain threshold and incentive mechanism for each role to ensure the overall quality.

Capability Perfection

TitlesAccess MechanismsRights and Benefits
Certified Developer1. Implemented stand-alone features for Taro
2. Code commits and code contributions meet certain criteria
1. Received developer rights for Taro project
2. Regular gifts from Taro team and open source certification
3. Readme and official website, documentation
Code contributorSubmitted PR for TaroReadme and official website, documentation

Community Management

TitleAccessRights and BenefitsResponsibilities
Community Moderator1. Selected through community application
2. Invited by Taro team through the Taro community's active level
1. Readme and official website, documentation
2. Proposed features will be prioritized for inclusion in Taro releases
3. Regular gifts and open source certification from Taro team
1. Responsible for the management of various sections of the community
2. Regularly post topics related to the forum
3. Regularly collect posts about the forum, summarize them, and give feedback to the Taro team
4. Review posts in the forum to eliminate useless and illegal posts
GitHub Issues Manager1. Selected through community signups
2. Targeted invitations from the Taro team based on how active they are in the Taro community
1. Readme and official website, documentation
2. Priority for proposed features in Taro releases
3. Regular gifts from the Taro team
4. Participate in GitHub robot refinement
1. Answer questions and tag GitHub issues
2. Aggregate issues every week and submit issues to Taro team
3. Select issues every week and sync data to Taro community
Group administrators1. Selected through community registration
2. Invited by the Taro team after checking the level of activity in the Taro community
1. Readme and official website, documentation
2. Features proposed will be prioritized for inclusion in Taro releases
3. Regular gifts and open source certificates from the Taro team
4. Participate in group helper improvement
1. Responsible for managing group content and creating a good communication environment
2. Responsible for answering questions in the group and directing developers to the community and GitHub issues to get answers
3. Responsible for operating the community group management tool, organizing questions in the group and synchronizing them to the Taro community

Knowledge Building

FormSubmit MethodRights and Interests
Taro Course Video RecordingSend personal information and audition video via email
1. Personal information: major technical direction, experience, public sharing experience, etc.
2. Audition video link After passing the selection, Taro team will contact you to communicate the follow-up video recording matters
Become an official Taro partner, after the video course is reviewed by Taro team, Taro team will fully assist in the operation and promotion. After the video course is reviewed by Taro team, Taro team will fully assist in the operation and promotion.
Taro Development Practice Article WritingSubmitted via email
1. md file (please add outline if it is a series of articles)
2. whether to debut in Taro channel After passing the selection, Taro team will contact you to communicate the subsequent release
Become an official Taro partner, the article After being reviewed by the Taro team, the article will be published through Taro's relevant premium channels

Written at the end

Taro is still in its infancy as a multi-platform development solution and is an evolving solution, and in the near future we will have more new features, functions and features to push to developers and maybe even disruptive things as well that will make Taro an even better solution. For now Taro has surpassed one mountain of development, but he is on his way to even higher peaks.

Taro cordially invites you to join us

Contact email: Mail title: [build together] + what you want to say