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Version: 3.x

WeChat Mini Program Convert to Taro

Taro can convert native WeChat mini program applications into Taro projects, thus making the project a multi-terminated application.

The converted code is highly readable and can continue to be used for secondary development using React (conversion to Vue is supported in the future).

Reverse conversion steps

  1. Install the Taro command line tool.
$ npm i -g @tarojs/cli
  1. Run the convert command in the root directory of the WeChat mini program project to convert.
# The converted code is stored in the `taroConvert` folder in the root directory
$ taro convert
  1. Go to the taroConvert directory and install the dependencies on.
$ cd taroConvert
$ npm install
  1. Run the build command to compile the project to any platform.
$ taro build --type [platform]