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Version: 3.x

Taro Release Notes

Compared to Taro 1/2 compile-time architecture, Taro 3 a primarily runtime based architecture, allowing developers to get the full development experience of React / Vue frameworks. For details, please refer to 《Exploration and practice of cross-framework development for mini program》

Latest Version

Available in the latest version Taro Release

It can also be viewed at the command line by entering the command.

npm info @tarojs/cli

Taro 3.1

The main change in Taro 3.1 is to create an open architecture that supports compiling to any mini program platform in the form of a plugin.

For more information, please refer to《Taro officially released version 3.1》

Taro 3.2

Taro 3.2 adds support for ReactNative.

For more information, please refer to 《Taro version 3.2 officially released: React Native support, the return of the king》

If you want to use Taro 1/2, you can visit document version for help.

Version Information

Detailed information about each release of Taro is available in Taro Release

Development Plan

The Taro team is currently focusing its iterations on Taro 3. Taro 1 / 2 will only fix major issues and will not add new features.

Taro will release weekly patch releases for minor feature additions and issue fixes.

Major features are first publicized and comments are collected through Taro-RFC and then the final minor version is released after development testing。

Upgrade Guide

How to upgrade from Taro 1 / 2 to Taro 3 please refer to:Migrate from old version to Taro Next

For a more detailed guide on migration between versions, please refer to:《The definitive guide to Taro version upgrades》

Community-contributed one-click upgrade tool: taro2-to-3, by @SyMind.